We focus on comprehensive oral care

Dr. Frank Mucci is a general practicing dentist with a strong background in all areas of oral health care.  He focuses on the philosophy of comprehensive oral care, and understands the connection that oral health has on systemic health. His favorite procedures are root canals (because it is rewarding to quickly eliminate infection/pain, and prove that it can be done as a painless procedure) and invisible braces (because the transformation of a smile can change a persons confidence and provide joy to both the patient and family).

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Our most popular services


  • Comprehensive Oral Exams 94%
  • Fillings/Restorative Dentistry 90%
  • Root canals 54%
  • Consultations 89%
  • Second Opinions 51%


  • Invisible braces (Invisalign, Clear Correct, clear braces that are nearly unnoticeable!) 54%
  • Veneers 69%
  • Crowns 45%
  • Bridges 29%
  • Whitening in office and at home 89%
  • Ultrasonic and Hygiene Cleanings 37%
  • Restoring Implants 40%


  • Dentures and Partial Dentures 43%
  • Oral Cancer Screening 21%
  • Digital Xrays 54%

Our office is different

We go the extra distance to make every visit as comfortable of an experience as possible.
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Highest Quality

We are motivated to provide the highest standard in oral health care.  We will work for you to educate and improve your oral health by advocating the newest in technology and techniques.

Individual Approach

Dr. Mucci believes in treating every patient as he would his family member.  Any treatment recommended for you would be the same treatment he would recommend for his brother, sister, mother, father or child.

Comfort Care

A trip to the dental office should be comfortable, relaxing, and non-stressful, and given the advances in technology and education, there is no reason it shouldn’t be.


Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own smile.  We will work within any budget to eliminate pain, infection, and dysfunction to achieve a smile you can be proud of.

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